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dui first offense

Claremont First Offense DUI

The Penalties of a DUI First Offense in Claremont, California

dui first offense claremont

Because of the severity of the punishments that Claremont DUI offenders charged with impaired driving have to face, it is best to get in touch with an experienced and highly reliable DUI Lawyer as quickly as possible to start building a case for you.

Claremont DUI First offense – What It Means For You

The term DUI refers to driving under the influence. Under the Criminal Code, the most frequently used term for the crime is impaired driving. The criminal laws concerning DUI convictions are quite strict in California and lead to various types of consequences, including fines, jail terms, and/or license suspension. Regardless of the fact of whether it is your first time DUI or whether you have been arrested again under the same circumstances, you are going to face harsh punishments if you do not have someone there to properly defend you. Our team of lawyers can be there for you, to defend you zealously. Even though the sentencing is less harsh for a DUI first offense, it can still have a traumatic effect on any first time DUI offender.

Moreover, a punishment under criminal charges can have a great effect in the long run on careers and in some cases even affect immigration possibilities. In light of the said scenario, it is highly advisable to hire the services of a reliable and reputable Claremont DUI Lawyer. We are the leading lawyers known for contesting DUI cases in Claremont, CA and have consistently been successful in such and similar cases on behalf of all our clients. If you’ve been charged with a DUI you need to get in touch with us so that we can fight for your rights in the court of law.

First Offense DUI Arrest Legal Grounds in Claremont, CA

According to the Criminal laws in the United States, impaired driving is a state where a person operates or controls a motor vehicle while their ability to do so is impaired. It is the result of excessive intake of alcohol or any substance use. Another related offense that is parallel is driving with Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) that exceeds 80mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood which works out to 0.08.

A higher BAC is punishable under multiple offenses as per the Criminal Code in the United States. There are lighter sentences in a first offense DUI however the harm that has been caused by the impaired driving of an offender also matters a lot. Physical harm caused by impaired driving carries greater levels of punishment even for a first DUI offense.

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first time DUI claremont

first DUI offense claremont

Types Of DUI Charges:

Impaired Driving

Driving Under The Influence

Over 80 m.g. DUI

Failure to Provide a Breathe Sample

Care and Control

Multiple DUI Offenses

Consequences Of A DUI:

Criminal Record

Serving a Jail Sentence

Drivers License Suspension

Payment of Fines

Travel Restrictions

Loss of Income


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State Administrative Consequences of a First DUI Offense in Claremont, CA

The level and quantity of BAC are what determines the grounds for impaired driving charges. For example, drivers who are less than 21 years old should not have any BAC level and there is a Zero Tolerance Law in California against such offenders. If you are a first time DUI offender, regardless of the BAC level, you will have your license suspended for 1 year, face criminal charges, may have to go to DUI School and end up paying hundreds of dollars in fines.

In case of offenders who are more than 21 years old there are harsher punishments and an offender may have to face immediate license suspension for at least 4 months, go to jail for 6 months or more, pay thousands of dollars in fines, installation of interlock device, and enter a DUI program.

first offense DUI claremont

1st offense DUI claremont

The Consequences of First Time DUI in Claremont, California

Any person who is convicted of drunk driving in Claremont faces a lot of penalties such as an Admin Per Se license suspension, Criminal license suspension, Jail time or community service, fines, installation of an Ignition Interlock Device, DUI school and SR-22 filing among others. The minimum sentences for a first time DUI offender accused in Claremont, California are:


  • Immediate license suspension as per the State’s Admin Per Se policy for at least 4 months.
  • Up to 6 months in jail.
  • Up to $1,000 in fines apart from the additional penalty fines and legal fees.
  • $125 fee for license reissue.
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device.
  • DUI program the duration of which varies depending on factors like your BAC at the time of arrest.
  • SR-22 filing.

Three Strikes Law in Claremont, CA and other penalties for a 1ST Offense DUI

The Three Strikes Law delivers sentences to those who commit multiple offenses and especially upon the “third strike” the offender is punished with a life sentence with a possibility of parole only after 25 years. In Claremont, 1st offense DUI accused and any subsequent offenders can be subject to prohibitions under the law and a driver’s license suspension under state law.

Other DUI penalties such as installation of an ignition interlock device are also present. A small device will be installed to your vehicle’s ignition that would require a breath sample before the vehicle can be started and during the operation of the vehicle. Apart from this the SR-22 filing that requires you to file proof of financial responsibility in order to get driving privileges back is also there.

Due to the severe and harsh punishments even on first time DUI offenders charged with impaired driving, it is highly recommended for you to contact an experienced and highly reputable DUI Lawyer in Claremont who will develop an optimized defence strategy on your behalf so that you get proper representation in the court of law. Based upon technical grounds and data collected firsthand from the scene of the incident we have successfully contested DUI cases for all our clients. Call us to get more information on our outstanding services.


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