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Los Angeles Lawyers Offer Advice On Facing DUI Charges

Los Angeles Lawyers Offer Advice On Facing DUI Charges

The California based Los Angeles DUI Lawyer released a public advisory regarding the measures that drivers can take when faced with DUI charges in the state of Los Angeles. This represents the law firm’s latest effort to ensure that LA residents receive fair treatment in court, as they note that the odds will likely be against the defendant, regardless of whether or not the proper procedures were utilized to demonstrate their intoxication.

More often than not, those who are charged with a DUI offense end up convicted. This is due to the fact that recent years have seen an increase in the severity with which DUI cases are approached in the eyes of the law. In fact, the firm notes that drunk driving offenses are among the most heavily litigated in the state, especially when compared to other offenses of the same caliber. Unfortunately, many drivers remain ignorant of this legal climate, leading them to underestimate the severity of the charges, which in turn means they go to trial entirely unprepared—without legal representation. This inevitably leads to an unfair court decision.

The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer asserts, “We have noticed a trend where individuals go into trial with lackluster legal representation. While beating a DUI Case in California is not impossible, defendants are known to tackle their case with an attorney they are already familiar with rather than an experienced and dedicated specialist in the field. It is for this reason that we have decided to reach out to them through our most recent post and demonstrate our expertise in the subject, discussing the different strategies that will give them the best chance of having their DUI charges dismissed.”

First and foremost, the firm says, those facing a DUI charge are advised to immediately contact an attorney. This will give their lawyer enough time to research and study every detail pertaining to their client’s case, which in turn will allow them to build an effective defense that will either minimize or completely negate the accusations.

The single most common DUI charge in Los Angeles is the violation of the blood alcohol content law, commonly referred to as ‘Drinking and Driving.’ This means that the accused has exceeded 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood. The job of an accused party’s attorney should be to prove that the officer did not have the proper grounds to perform a sobriety test on the defendant, alleging lack of probable cause or an improper procedure. Learn more here: Drinking and Driving Lawyer.

“While a police officer can demand a breath sample from the accused if he or she suspects a DUI offense is being committed, there is a proper procedure which must be followed,” says the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, remarking that the officer may ask for said breathalyzer test only if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the accused party has committed an offense under the law within the last three hours. However, even when probable cause exists, there are certain requirements that need to be met before an officer can demand a breathalyzer test from an individual. For instance, the law states that the officer must continuously observe the suspect for fifteen minutes to ensure that the latter does not put anything containing alcohol into their mouth, including drinks, medicines or mouthwash in that period. If this standard is not upheld, the veracity of the results may be compromised.

They add, “When we defend our clients, we try to establish a thorough cross-examination of prosecution witnesses, and we utilize the presentation of other evidence to prove that the acquisition of breath samples may have violated the Charter of Rights and Freedom. Hence, we may also argue that this evidence should be excluded as the BAC results can be recorded falsely. If successful, this method leads to the complete dismissal of the accused’s DUI charges.”

The firm puts their legal representation services at the disposal of anyone charged with a DUI in Los Angeles, stating that they will fiercely defend their client’s case and minimize or dismiss the consequences of the accusation. Furthermore, interested parties may reach out to the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer for a free consultation, where the accused’s case will be reviewed and their options evaluated. Visit the following link to read further: Charged With A DUI Los Angeles.


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