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Los Angeles Lawyers Issue DUI Advisory

Los Angeles Lawyers Issue DUI Advisory

The California based Los Angeles DUI Lawyer recently issued a public advisory for DUIs following the increase in the number of convictions for different DUI charges Los Angeles. A spokesperson for the firm said that, “Drinking and driving cases are more likely to be sent to trial than any other criminal offense. Since the defense will usually be based on challenging the technical elements of the process of determining a DUI, we advise anyone facing charges to consult an experienced DUI lawyer and choose to not represent themselves.”
Many will have seen the headlines regarding Vince Vaughn, a driver who has now been convicted of reckless driving, a misdemeanor count, following his arrest last year for failing a field sobriety test and a blood-alcohol test (BAC), as reported in the LA Times. A skilled DUI defense lawyer, who understands the procedures, processes, and most importantly, the law, knows how to investigate every technical detail, as well as how to negotiate charges—so that by the time the case goes to court, they have gained the best possible reduction possible. Given the level of punishment even a first time offender can face, it is extremely important to hire a high-quality DUI lawyer to defend the case.
The firm’s spokesperson continued, “California is known for its strict DUI laws, and the state hands out a number of severe punishments to DUI offenders. That’s the reason why it is imperative to hire an experienced DUI attorney who is capable of building a great defense in court. This is the best possible way for a driver to avoid having a conviction on their record. Since DUI charges can be lodged at any time of day, we are available around the clock for a free consultation.”
Recently, Los Angeles DUI Lawyer gave drivers advice concerning impaired driving charges, which was picked up by local television station RFD-TV and published on their news site. The article outlines many of the ways that someone may run foul of the legal limit, which is a BAC limit of 0.08 percent for those over 21—and for those under 21, any measurable amount of alcohol. In the article, the company says, “Time is of the essence in building a good defense for your case. Our team of investigators gather evidence first-hand in order to evaluate whether the rights of the accused have been abided by or not. Our defense is based on utilizing this evidence at trial as well as cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses.”
California Vehicle Code Section 23152 VC indicates that it is illegal to drive a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or a combination of drugs and alcohol. However, many who are charged for the first time with a DUI may not consult an expert DUI defense attorney and then subsequently find themselves facing far worse penalties for a second offense. A company spokesperson explained that, “the consequences of being convicted for a second time for a DUI offense can be disastrous for them. In some cases, the DUI second offense penalties can be so harsh that paying the various stipulated fines can result in the person being perpetually in debt. Worse, if the offense happens within five years of the first offense, prosecutors will to their best to prove that the offender poses a danger to the lives of other motorists and pedestrians.”
Avoiding getting their first charge for DUI may be the best way to avoid a second charge, and the odds of accomplishing this are much higher if an expert DUI attorney is part of the defense team. As a second offender, the most severe penalty could be the permanent loss of the convicted person’s driver’s license alongside a jail sentence and/or probation for a period up to five years, and other penalties or obligations.
Drivers facing DUI or impaired driving charges are advised to call a drink driving attorney as soon as possible. Los Angeles DUI Lawyer can provide a free consultation for those who wish to discuss their own situation, and further information can also be gained by visiting the firm’s website.


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