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Los Angeles Lawyer Offers Advice To Help Drivers Avoid A Holiday DUI

Los Angeles Lawyer Offers Advice To Help Drivers Avoid A Holiday DUI

California based Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is reaching out to local drivers to advise how they may avoid committing DUI offences over the course of the holidays. Many people love to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a night out. With the advent of the next decade, the holiday parties have already started, and local law enforcement has increased patrols to keep everyone safe. As a result, the number of arrests for driving under the influence, being under the influence of drugs and/or excessive public intoxication, has risen since the beginning of November.

A representative for the firm says, “We want everyone to enjoy their holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that California has some of the strictest DUI laws and the annual crackdown seems to start earlier each year. Even one large drink, or a strong drink on an empty stomach might be enough to put someone over the limit without them realizing it. We are always at hand to advise anyone who has been stopped. The best advice we can share is that you book a ride home if there is any chance that you may have an unexpected drink.”

For those who are stopped and asked to undertake a physical sobriety test, the firm states that drivers should the police do not have to read them their rights, including the one saying they have the right to contact a lawyer. They also do not need to wait until the lawyer is contacted before conducting the physical tests. However, the fact remains that those arrested for a DUI do actually have the right to speak to their lawyer. Learn more here: Drink Driving Lawyer Los Angeles.

Many who are charged for the first time with a DUI are embarrassed to reach out for help. They may not even tell friends and family, and they will most certainly avoid telling colleagues at work. In these circumstances, the best step they can take, according to the firm, is to call a DUI attorney who can provide the legal advice they need. Many who feel they should not have been stopped refuse to provide a specimen, unaware that refusing alone is a criminal offense under the Criminal Code. Failing to provide a specimen is considered a serious crime and is dealt with in the strictest manner. It also carries some major penalties which are considered separately in addition to the penalties they would be subject to under a standard DUI. This includes a driving prohibition throughout the country, a fine, plus a criminal record.

At this point, it is essential for drivers to have the strongest possible advocate who believes in building a case to protect their clients from the consequences of failing to provide a specimen. Regardless of the outcome of their DUI case, there is a mandatory driver’s license suspension for one year if they are convicted of refusing to provide a sample. There are additional jail time penalties to consider as well.

The firm is widely known for providing advice to their community, giving them the benefit of their attorneys’ years of experience and expert, comprehensive knowledge of Los Angeles’ Drink Driving laws. Recently, they were featured on Digital Journal for the advice they shared regarding drivers who were facing a 3rd Offense DUI. The article highlights that, “Matters can get very ugly in the event of a 3rd DUI offense, and the severe legal implications that come with a 3rd repeated charge could be tough to defend and avoid.”

A 3rd DUI conviction also carries a minimum of 120 days of jail time, and this period could be extended up to one year. While no one plans to get a 3rd DUI conviction, the best way to avoid a 3rd charge is to ensure the first charge is dealt with by an experienced lawyer. Fortunately, having an advocate from Los Angeles DUI Lawyer means anyone in this unfortunate position has an experienced professional who will explore all possibilities when fighting their case.

Those who have already received a DUI or any other related charge can call Los Angeles DUI Lawyer and request a free consultation. If they already have a DUI conviction, they may use the firm’s services to obtain a DUI reduction, removal or expungement as well. The firm provides a full range of services for drivers facing Drinking and Driving Charges, Driving Under The Influence, Impaired Driving Charges, DUI Criminal Defense, and so on.

Complete information on their legal services can be found on their website, along with a selection of useful resources. Interested parties are also welcome to follow Los Angeles DUI Lawyer through their social media channels on Facebook and Twitter to stay abreast of their latest news and announcements.


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