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Los Angeles Lawyer Helps Clients Fight Their DUI Conviction

Los Angeles Lawyer Helps Clients Fight Their DUI Conviction

The California based Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is reaching out to Los Angeles residents to inform them that the firm is currently taking on new clients. Given their expertise in the field, local drivers may take advantage of the firm’s legal services to combat DUI convictions more effectively. While such DUIs are among the most common causes of arrests, they can nonetheless have life-altering ramifications in the worst cases.

A representative of the firm states, “A DUI is a very sensitive and serious topic. One simple infraction can change someone’s life forever, as they could have their license suspended for up to three years, or even face jail time. At our firm, we believe that a single mistake should not determine how our clients live the rest of their lives, so we are committed to helping them defend their cases. We endeavor to help you dismiss the charges against you and, if that is not possible, we will then focus on minimizing the consequences. We have many years of experience helping clients successfully fight such convictions, and we will similarly dedicate all of our efforts to helping you get out of this situation as well.”

As the firm notes, being arrested for a DUI offense puts the person in a stressful situation that will immediately change their lives, even before the trial. If it is their first time being accused of a DUI, they will face several court proceedings that are relevant to the case, including having to face the police officers. The process can be very challenging and confusing for an individual that is not familiar with this process and, as the firm states, such confusion can contribute to negative court decisions.

To prevent these unfair convictions, and give the accused the best chance at continuing with their lives without much hassle, the firm advises the community to seek guidance from an experienced Los Angeles Drink Driving Lawyer. An attorney that specializes in such cases will be much more familiar with the best ways to fight these accusations and protect their clients. They will also give their clients the best chance of getting the charges presented against them dismissed.

“There are several allegations that you can make during your trial to dismiss your accusation, though only an experienced attorney can find success with these tactics,” states the firm. “At Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, we know these tactics and have enough experience employing them to guarantee our clients the best chance at success. If there is anyone in Los Angeles that can dismiss your DUI charges, it is us.”

As long as the client pleads not guilty, the firm further assures the public that it is not uncommon for the accused to successfully beat a DUI conviction. By pleading not guilty, their defense lawyers will gain an opportunity to pick apart the details of the prosecution’s argument.

Since few are aware of this aspect of the legal process, the firm explains that several factors can disprove the legitimacy or fairness of the accusations. Some of the most commonly used tactics to disprove DUI-related accusations include Challenging The Legality Of The DUI Checkpoint Stop, Citing Title 17 Violations, Proving To The Court That It Was Poor Driving Rather Than DUI, Alleging That It Was A Different Driver, Questioning The Field Sobriety Tests, and Disputing The Suspicion That The Accused Was Under The Influence, among several other strategies.

If success is found with one out of all of these allegations, it could mean that the accused is prevented from going to jail for up to a year, even potentially saving them thousands of dollars in fines. Even if the accusations are not completely dismissed, an experienced attorney can reduce the associated consequences to the bare minimum, giving their client a significant advantage over anything they could have achieved alone.

The legal representation services provided by the local firm include defense against Drunk Driving Offenses, Drinking and Driving Charges, Driving Under The Influence, Impaired Driving Charges, DUI Criminal Defense, DUI Probation Violation, Care And Control Charges, and several other charges and cases.

The office’s website includes more information on the legal services provided by the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, including a selection of useful resources that can help clients clear various concerns and common inquiries. Learn more here: DUI Facts Los Angeles.


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