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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Offers Assistance To People Accused Of Drinking And Driving

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Offers Assistance To People Accused Of Drinking And Driving

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a law firm in Los Angeles, California, has announced that they are ready to assist people, in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, who are charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and/or drugs. Lawyers from the firm have been consistently successful in getting favorable verdicts for their clients charged with DUI in Los Angeles. These attorneys have the necessary experience and are well-versed in the law and strategies for defending clients against DUI charges.
A spokesperson for Los Angeles DUI Lawyer says, “If you are faced with charges of drinking and driving, the best option is to get in touch with a Los Angeles lawyer that specializes in these kinds of cases. Our firm offers experienced drinking and driving lawyers who have consistently delivered favorable verdicts to clients with all manner of DUI charges in Los Angeles or CA.”
The spokesperson explains that the California Vehicle Code Section 23152 governs drunk driving and specifies that anyone who operates a motor vehicle or vessel, an aircraft, or railway equipment, or has care and control of such vehicles, whether these are in motion or not, commits the offense if he or she is under the influence of alcohol and/or drug.
There are two primary components of the offense. First, there is an impairment as a result of consuming drugs or alcohol, making the person unable to operate the vehicle. Second, the person has drunk so much alcohol that its concentration in the blood surpasses 80 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood.
The law firm observes that DUI offenses have made up the majority of criminal cases that are on trial in Los Angeles or California courts. Each drinking and driving lawyerfrom Los Angeles DUI Lawyer has been consistent in effectively defending each client on DUI charges by arguing against the prosecution’s claims on highly technical grounds.
Attorneys from the law firm take advantage of the fact that evidence for impaired driving and later conviction is mostly dependent on the observation of eye witnesses and the investigating officer. While the evidence for an over 80mg offense is usually based on taking a breath sample or blood sample to determine the blood alcohol concentration (BA), it can become more complicated when the case of impaired driving is the result of using drugs. In this case, an evaluation must be conducted by a drug recognition expert and drafting of reports is necessary to charge the accused.
Some of the important factors required to prove a DUI offense are the time, date, jurisdiction, and the identity of the accused. In addition, the California Vehicle Code Section 23152 empowers a police officer to detain an accused on reasonable suspicion that he or she has drugs or alcohol in his/her body and that he/she was operating or was in care or control of the vehicle. However, the officer has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the ability of the accused to drive at that time has been impaired due to alcohol or drugs.
Meanwhile, section 23152(b) under the laws for DUI is based on the situation where the BAC is more than 80. It is not sufficient that the accused was under the influence. The prosecution must also prove that the accused was driving under the influence. According to California courts, this means that there must be some movement of the vehicle to show that the accused was driving. Such movement may be proven through circumstantial evidence, which is evidence that can be inferred from the surrounding circumstances although it does not directly show guilt.
The law firm aims to offer top DUI defense services in Los Angeles, CA. What makes them reliable is that each DUI attorney in the firm has a comprehensive understanding of laws governing drunk driving in Los Angeles and California. Those who want more information or who would like to schedule a consultation can visit their website where an online contact form is available, or contact them by phone.

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