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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Offers Advice On Political Terrorism

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Offers Advice On Political Terrorism

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer has announced that they may also offer advice on political terrorism. For instance, in 2011, Iran’s president announced that two American hikers imprisoned since 2009 and sentenced to eight years for espionage, will soon be released. Unfortunately, a day later, Iranian courts countered that the president did not have the authority to release the prisoners. Supporters of the hikers point out that Joshua F. Fattal and Shane M. Bauer were just tourists who in July 2009 went hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan and then unknowingly crossed an unmarked border into Iran. It was then that they were detained and charged with espionage in Iran.
A spokesperson for Los Angeles DUI Lawyer says, “Political terrorism is the use of fear to accomplish political objectives. While this may be justified in the minds of some people, it is still terrorism and should not be tolerated. There are laws governing terrorism that can protect people. We can offer advice to people who are victims of terrorism, although our main focus is on DUI laws.”
The problem with political terrorism is that a government may used terror to motivate people to follow its dictates. The government may also used counter-terrorism to neutralize terrorist groups. The definition of terrorism and its acceptability will vary. Nevertheless, there are laws that govern terrorism. A country will usually have established a Terrorism Act, which provides the laws that govern terrorism. It is on this that lawyers must base their strategies when offering defense for certain people.
For victims of political terrorism like the two hikers, lawyers who understand the laws on terrorism are needed for proper defense. These lawyers must have made a thorough study of those laws so that they may use them to defend their clients.
This is a topic that has been much debated upon. For instance, in Wikipedia, there are even discussions or debates with regards to the definition of terrorism. Meanwhile, although the definition of what comprises a terrorist act is controversial, there are many organizations that have been described as terrorists, which means serious legal consequences. It is noted that originally, the term “terrorism” was used to describe acts of state violence, such as collective punishment so that the population may be cowed into submitting to the dictates of the government. It was only in modern times that the term was used for acts committed by nongovernmental forces.
One important contributor to the controversy about terrorism is that governments have a vested interest in ensuring that the accepted definition of terrorism will not encompass their own violent and coercive actions. On the other hand, they can broaden the definition of terrorism such that the actions of workers during strikes may be considered as terrorist acts that are being used to force the government to act in a particular way. The result is that any kind of effort that is designed to pressure the government into doing something can be construed as violence and a way of intimidating the government. From this, it is clear that having a consensus of the definition of terrorism is impossible.
Nevertheless, there would be laws created to attempt to define what can be regarded as terrorism. One example is the Terrorism Act 2000 of the UK, which provided a definition of terrorism and allowed the Home Secretary to have a list of proscribed groups that are believed to be involved in terrorism. As such, they have list of international groups as well as domestic groups that are considered to be engaged in terrorism. This law also defines the powers of the police in arresting and detaining suspected terrorists. It also specifies the length of time a suspect may be detained. All in all, lawyers need to be consulted when people who are victims of political terrorism or any other kind of terrorism have to be defended.
Those who need more information with regards to the laws on the act of terrorism or other legal issues can visit the website of Los Angeles DUI Lawyer or contact them by phone or by email.


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