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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Offers Advice On How To Fight A DUI Second Offence In Los Angeles

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Offers Advice On How To Fight A DUI Second Offence In Los Angeles

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer has announced that they have published a blog post that offers advice on what to do with a DUI second offence Los Angeles residents may be facing. The article is titled, “What to Do When Charged with a Second Offense DUI in Los Angeles, CA”. The law firm wants to emphasize that getting a second DUI would be the last thing anybody would want to have. This is because they would be classified as a repeat offender, which would mean more fines and penalties compared to the first DUI offense.
A Los Angeles DUI Lawyer representative says, “The best option that you have when faced with a 2nd offense DUI is to get in touch with a reliable and highly experienced drinking and driving lawyer who will fight your case in trial. We are one of the most reputed DUI lawyers in Los Angeles and have consistently shown favorable results on behalf of our clients in DUI cases. Do not hesitate to contact us when faced with a second DUI charge.”
The law firm warns people that the consequences of being convicted for a second time for a DUI offense can be disastrous for them. In some cases, the DUI second offense penalties can be so harsh that paying the various stipulated fines can result in the person being perpetually in debt.
And if the second DUI offense was committed within five years of the first offense, the situation could be really be difficult for the offender. In this particular case, prosecutors will likely go all out in proving that the offender poses a danger to the lives of other motorists and pedestrians. Both the prosecutors and police officers will be doing their best to ensure that the accused will not be able to get away from stiff penalties and sentencing. It is therefore imperative for the accused to seek the help and support of the best possible DUI defense lawyer who has a strong chance of saving the accused from the consequences of a second DUI offense.
A second DUI can result into extreme penalties because the accused, being a repeat offender, is now considered as a threat to other people on the road. The most severe penalty could be the permanent loss of the convicted person’s driver’s license plus a jail sentence and/or probation for up to a period of five years. In some cases, a hardship license may be provided where an ignition interlock device is installed in the car for at least one year or even more.
The cost of the installation and maintenance of the ignition interlock device will be shouldered by the convicted person and will be an additional financial burden. The different types of sentences for a second DUI offense in Los Angeles include: up to two years of jail time; a two year driving prohibition; four to five years of formal or informal probation; penalties can go up in case of death or injury, resulting in a jail time that be as long as 15 years; an 18 month alcohol program; court fines and fees that could be as much as thousands of dollars; Mothers Against Drunk Driving class; morgue education; installation of ignition interlock device; and possible SCRAM or alcohol rehabilitation program.
And for those who have a second DUI while still on probation for a previous first DUI offense, they will not be eligible for a driver’s license if they are not able to contact the DMV within 10 days of their DUI arrest. The second DUI while on probation for the first offense increases the seriousness of the case and the consequences.
Those who are interested in consulting or getting the services of a drink driving lawyer may want to visit the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer website or contact them by phone or by email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.


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