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Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Launches Driverless Vehicle Legislation Campaign To Curb Drinking And Driving

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Launches Driverless Vehicle Legislation Campaign To Curb Drinking And Driving

The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer firm announced this Thursday at their L.A. headquarters the launch of a state-wide campaign that aims to bring down drinking and driving rates in California by making driverless cars free to transit. Responsible Transportation for America (RTA) seeks to enact a comprehensive legal framework, upon which self-driving vehicles are made legal to provide a long-term, definitive solution to drunk-driving accidents in the Golden State.


As one of the top criminal DUI attorney Los Angeles and the state of California, their lawyers have reported a dramatic increase in the number of fatal drunk-driving-related accidents at both city and state level.


“The campaign is called Responsible Transportation for America because that is our goal. When you look at how fatalities have skyrocketed over the last couple of years, you just know initiatives like this are the responsible thing to do,” said Michael Smith, Chairman of Los Angeles DUI Lawyer.


In the last decade, DUI Lawyer has fought and won over 3,000 cases where people were wrongfully accused of drunk driving. However, the firm also found plenty of injustice in the side of victims who were either severely impaired or tragically killed as a result of driving under the influence.


“Autonomous cars are already here, and there is just no contest between traditional and self-driving vehicles in terms of safety,” said Jose Fernandez, Technology Advisor to Los Angeles DUI Lawyer. “Existing regulations advance at a slow pace, and here in California we feel like we can make a difference with movements like RTA to make America go driverless and have a real impact in road safety across the country,” he added.


Los Angeles is notorious for being one of America’s DUI capitals, but also one of the least up-to-speed cities in California regarding autonomous vehicle legislation. While there have been some substantial advancements, driverless tests and free transit are still more restricted than in other cities of the state. These facts paired with the high mortality rate and unjust treatment of DUI accident victims in court, inspired LADUIL to launch the RTA campaign.


Pushing forward initiatives like Responsible Transportation for America serves a double purpose in the eyes of drunk driving lawyer Los Angeles. On one hand, a higher number of driverless vehicles in transit means, statistically, fewer chances of fatal accidents on the roads; on the other hand, the technology that comes along with these autonomous machines means more tools for the defense team when it comes to fighting false criminal charges in court.


Self-driving cars are equipped with an array of sensors and cameras that could provide invaluable evidence to attorneys attempting to prove instances of racial profiling and police misconduct; some of the most unfortunately common occurrences among the clients of Los Angeles DUI Lawyer.


The firm is spearheading the RTA campaign, but they are far from the sole supporters. Key allies include representatives from the California DMV and from most automakers invested in the development and production of autonomous vehicles, most of which have a strong presence in the state. A committee of the NHTSA has also agreed to meet with LADUIL attorneys to discuss the proposed framework.


Scheduled events for the coming months include town hall meetings in several Los Angeles venues, blood donation sessions for victims of DUI accidents, and a big festival in downtown L.A. to promote the RTA campaign and celebrate the National Impaired Driving Prevention Month this December 14.


“Drinking and driving is a real problem in L.A., and other major cities in California are not too far off,” said Scott Burke, legal advisor for a driverless technology startup based in Silicon Valley. “RTA is exactly the type of campaign we need to shed more light on the issues we are already dealing with in the industry while developing these systems,” he continued.


People interested in supporting the campaign, spreading awareness, or looking for legal counsel in cases of wrongful DUI accusations can find Los Angeles DUI Lawyer on their website.



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