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Los Angeles Drunk Driving Lawyer Warns Against Risking 2nd DUI Conviction

Los Angeles Drunk Driving Lawyer Warns Against Risking 2nd DUI Conviction

The Los Angeles, CA based Los Angeles DUI Lawyer wishes to inform their community of the steps they can take when faced with the prospect of defending a second DUI charge. More information can be found at the following link: 2nd DUI Los Angeles.
Given that immediately contacting a DUI lawyer is of paramount importance when faced with either a first or second DUI charge, the firm believes that it is in their clients’ best interest to be fully informed of the advantages they stand to gain when they have a professional building their defense. As such, their clients’ defense effectively begins the moment they are pulled over by a police officer. The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer says, “A DUI is considered a serious offense in California,” so it is best not to take the situation lightly.
While dealing with a first offense can be a difficult proposition by itself, it still carries relatively benign consequences. However, a second offense marks the individual in question, under California law, as a repeat offender. The firm continues that, “a conviction for a second DUI offense can be disastrous to the life of the accused. The Criminal Code of Law has harsh punishments under the Criminal Code and, in some cases, DUI second offense penalties are so extreme that paying the quantum of stipulated fines can lead a person perpetually into debt.” Learn more about the firm’s approach to DUI cases here: Criminal DUI Law Firms.
Invariably, the most reliable course of action that an individual can take in these circumstances to contact an attorney that specializes in contesting DUI charges. The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is one such firm that boasts both the relevant legal expertise as well as a wealth of experience winning positive outcomes for their clients. They assert that, “We are one of the most reputed DUI lawyers in Los Angeles and have consistently shown favorable results on behalf of our clients in DUI cases. Do not hesitate to contact us when faced with a second DUI charge.”
The firm further warns that being placed in the category of repeat offender, as would happen in the event an individual is convicted of a second DUI, can be extremely daunting for the convicted party in any city in the state. The attorneys add that, “If you have committed the second offense DUI within five years of the first offense, things could get much uglier. In this case, prosecutors will go all out to establish that you have broken the law once—and you will continue to endanger the lives of other motorists and people on the road in the future—and you will be facing a lot from the court of law.”
The personal ramifications of being convicted are dire. The firm explains that, “Under this offense, there are several consequences that you will be facing, but the most severe is the permanent loss of your driver’s license—and a jail term and/or probation can be imposed for a period of up to 5 years.”
In practice, this means that both police officers and prosecuting attorneys will do everything they can to ensure that the defendant faces the strict penalties afforded under California law. As the average person is not familiar with the intricacies of DUI law, they would be at a marked disadvantage without a professional to help build their defense. The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer says, “The best option that you have when faced with a second offense DUI is to get in touch with a reliable and highly experienced drinking and driving lawyer who will fight your case in trial.” They affirm, “We at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer have a team of DUI lawyers who, with their experience and skill, will ensure every flaw in the case is found out and will make sure that the declaration of human rights have been scrupulously followed in your case.”
Given that the most heavily-litigated criminal cases in Los Angeles, CA are related to DUI laws, those who require an attorney that specializes in DUI cases, particularly for a second offense, may contact the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer to schedule a free consultation. They may also follow this link to learn more: Impaired Driving Lawyer Los Angeles.


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