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Los Angeles Attorney Announces Extreme DUI Defense

Los Angeles Attorney Announces Extreme DUI Defense

A prominent DUI attorney Los Angeles has announced that he is now providing extreme defense against DUI charges. The California attorney recently announced that those who have been charged with or accused of driving while under the influence can contact his firm to receive criminal representation against their charges.
The attorney states, “DUI is a difficult charge. Not only does it carry with it some pretty strict legal ramifications but it has a certain social stigma as well. People will instantly begin treating the accused differently once he or she has been convicted of a DUI. Our firm aims to change that.”
The attorney states that fighting DUI charges is crucial in helping the accused to not only get their lives back on track but to deter certain feelings from others about those charges. He says that an extreme criminal defense is important in fighting charges of driving under the influence and states that he and his firm have the experience, knowledge and courage needed to take on these cases and see that the outcome is a positive one for the accused.
The attorney states that beating a DUI in Los Angeles is not easy per se, but states that it can be done. He says that there are a number of factors that go in to convicting someone of a DUI and that if any of these factors are missed or misrepresented, the accused can often beat his or her charges.
“Being accused of a DUI is scary and hiring an experienced attorney should be at the top of the list of things to do,” says the attorney. “Someone who has just been charged with a DUI needs to contact a knowledgeable attorney immediately to get the ball rolling so that they have a better chance of beating their charges.”
The legal firm states that those who are convicted of driving under the influence are subject to severe penalties, which can include losing the privilege to drive, hefty fines and even jail time in some extreme cases. He also states that there are certain criteria that must be met in order for the accused to be convicted and that those who are accused should act quickly to ensure that all of these criteria are met. If they are not, the charges can often be dismissed. The attorney states that anyone who is arrested for a DUI should make an experienced legal firm their first contact.
Driving under the influence can in some cases bring with it years of jail time. For those who have been accused and convicted of multiple DUIs, the penalties often include permanent loss of driving privileges and even state or federal prison. Some extreme cases could carry five to ten years of imprisonment in addition to losing one’s driving license and expensive fines. The attorney states that anyone who is facing these types of penalties needs an extreme attorney to help to keep them from being convicted.
The drunk driving lawyer says that his firm is not afraid to stand up for their clients. He states that anyone who is facing DUI charges needs an aggressive defense to help protect their rights and that his firm has the experience needed to do so. He says that those who are currently facing these charges needs to contact his firm immediately to get started. The Los Angeles based legal firm offers free consultations and states that those who are facing DUI charges or their families can contact him or his team to learn more. The firm’s official website offers information on driving under the influence including various posts regarding the process for defending these types of cases and the penalties if one is convicted. Those in need of defense for driving under the influence can contact the attorney directly by phone or visit his official website to learn more about these charges, the firm and their experience in handling DUIs.


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