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Impaired Driving Lawyer in Los Angeles Offers Free Initial Consultation

Impaired Driving Lawyer in Los Angeles Offers Free Initial Consultation

A renowned impaired driving lawyer in Los Angelesis offering free initial consultation for DUI offenses.
The DUI lawyer is part of a firm that specializes in drunk driving laws. Their website features comprehensive information on DUI laws, fines and penalties, defense strategies and a guide to getting expert legal representation.
“DUI constitutes a bulk of criminal cases on trial in Los Angeles,” the same impaired driving lawyer from Los Angeles said. “Drivers involved in these cases tend to be emotionally overwhelmed and confused by the legal complexities. Getting legal representation is the logical next step but many are hindered by the thought of legal costs and fees. By offering free initial in-person consultation, we can break down this barrier for potential clients and help them with their DUI cases.”
Aside from a free consultation, the Los Angeles-based firm’s website provides useful information for the driving public, as well as DUI-related news updates.
In California, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle when a person has breached the following blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentages: 0.08% or higher for drivers who are 21 years old operating a regular passenger vehicle; 0.04% or higher for drivers operating a commercial vehicle; and 0.01% or higher for drivers who are below 21 years old.
Drunk driving is considered a serious criminal offense in Los Angeles. Legally mandated consequences can include cancellation of driver’s license, payment of hefty fines, jail time, mandatory education or treatment program, installation of ignition interlock device in the vehicle, probation or a criminal record. In a DUI situation, immediate access to legal representation is crucial to the outcome.
An August report cited a study which noted that DUIs in the U.S. are on a decline nationally, with fatalities decreasing by one-third in the past three decades. Research and educational public awareness campaigns have been identified as possible contributing factors to this trend. However, drunk driving continues be a persistent issue across the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that every day, 29 people die in motor crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver.
The same report noted that Los Angeles has 1.71% of drivers with a DUI, which is 8% higher than the national average, although not as high as other California cities like San Diego (29%) and San Jose (30%).
The DUI attorney added, “The initial in-person consultation allows us to understand what we’re possibly dealing with. Potential clients come in stressed as it is, so this meeting is all about us being able to lend our experience and expertise, without any pressure on them.”
According to the firm’s website, there are no prevailing cost criteria for DUI lawyers in Los Angeles, as costs can vary from case to case. A written retainer agreement is the most reliable way to define and determine scope of work as well as estimated cost. This allows clients to plan their finances ahead; protects them from hidden costs.
Interested clients can visit the website to schedule a free initial consultation and to access free Los Angeles DUI information.

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