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DUI Lawyer In Los Angeles Announces Criminal Defense For The Accused

DUI Lawyer In Los Angeles Announces Criminal Defense For The Accused

A Los Angeles, California based DUI lawyer has announced a strong defense for those accused of driving under the influence. The DUI lawyer Los Angelesstates that he has many years of experience in helping the accused to purge their records of DUI charges and states that he is ready to assist those who need it.


The attorney says, “Being accused of a DUI can be frightening and frustrating. If you know that you are not guilty, this can exacerbate your frustration. If you have been accused of driving under the influence and you know that you are innocent, let me help. I can work with you to develop a strong criminal defense against those charges.”


The attorney says that anyone who is convicted of driving under the influence in the United States is subject to a number of strict penalties. These can include loss of driving privileges, fines and even jail time in some cases, not to mention the social stigma that goes along with being accused. He states that anyone who is facing these charges needs to contact an experienced DUI attorney quickly to get their defense started. He states that waiting to do so can be detrimental to the case.


“You want to begin your DUI criminal defense Los Angeles as quickly as possible,” says the attorney. “The minute you get that phone call is the time to contact my office. We can get started on your case, going over the evidence and compiling our own documentation to prove your innocence. But, it is imperative that you get started right away.”


The attorney states that the first phone call that someone should make upon being arrested for a DUI is to an attorney’s office. He states that there are a number of criteria that must be met in order to convict someone of a DUI and that often, some of this criteria is overlooked. Because of this, he insists that it is important to get started on a defense right away to avoid missing something that could potentially help in the defense.


The attorney states that he and his firm specialize in cases involving driving under the influence and says that it is important that anyone facing these charges work with an attorney who has experience. He says that because of the strict penalties of being convicted that it is imperative that the accused choose to work with a firm that has experience in these types of cases simply because they know what to look for with regards to having the charges dismissed if possible.


The DUI attorney urges those who have been accused of a DUI to contact his firm immediately to get started on their defense. He says that his years of experience enable him to better understand the laws regarding driving under the influence and says that he knows how to counteract anything that the prosecution may present.


The attorney reiterates that there is no time to waste when it comes to defending criminal charges of DUI. He states that whether this is the first offense or the accused has had previous DUIs, it is important to get started quickly in order to see the best possible outcome of the case. He and his firm state that they can handle any DUI case in the state of California, and claim that their decades of combined experience gives them an edge when doing so.


Those who are currently facing DUI charges or the families of those who have been accused can learn more by visiting the attorney on his official website. He states that he offers free consultations for those who need them and states that the accused or a loved one can contact his firm to learn more about the process of securing him for their criminal DUI defense needs. Those in need of a criminal defense can also contact the attorney directly by phone to learn more.



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