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DUI Defense Lawyer In Los Angeles Offers Help For Impaired Driving Charges

DUI Defense Lawyer In Los Angeles Offers Help For Impaired Driving Charges

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a law firm based in Los Angeles, California, has announced that they are offering help for people with impaired driving charges. The DUI defense lawyer Los Angeles firm advises people, especially first-time offenders, to act immediately by consulting with an experienced DUI defense lawyer once they have been informed that they have been charged with impaired driving.
A spokesperson for the law firm says, “Time is of the essence in building a good defense for your case. Our team of investigators gather evidence first-hand in order to evaluate whether the rights of the accused have been abided by or not. Our defense is based on utilizing this evidence at trial as well as cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses.”
Impaired driving charges in Los Angeles are based on the California Vehicle Code Section 23152 VC, which indicates that it is illegal to drive a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or a combination of drugs and alcohol. Under this law, drivers who are convicted of impaired driving face a number of severe penalties and punishments that can be life changing. Furthermore, they can face criminal penalties including the administrative suspension of their driver’s license.
It is, therefore, important to understand what is included in impaired driving and what kind of conduct is considered to be in violation of the DUI laws of California. It should be noted that while the law in California does not prohibit all drivers who have consumed alcohol to drive a motor vehicle, the legal BAC limit for the state is 0.08 percent, which is not a significant amount of alcohol. Thus, many people mistakenly believe that they can still drive, unaware that they have already exceeded the 0.08 percent limit. Also, those who have a BAC that is less than 0.08 percent may still be charged but the prosecutor must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant was under the influence of alcohol at the time of driving. Furthermore, drivers who are 21 or under cannot drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system.
At Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, the defense of those accused of impaired driving in Los Angeles starts with the gathering of evidence at the location where the accused was apprehended. They will also try to establish whether all the charter issues have been strictly followed by the officer who imposed the impaired driving charges.
The first primary way of proving an impaired driving violation is a breath test. However, such tests can have faults, such as the malfunctioning of the instrument used or the instrument has picked up unrelated physiological factors that can display a higher BAC. These factors include dental work, acid reflux, mouthwash, or even the chewing of tobacco before the incident. Also, people who have diabetes may have ketones in their breath and because the ketones can be converted into isopropyl alcohol, they can be mistaken for the drinking of alcohol, in a breath test.
At Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, the experienced impaired driving lawyer will explore a number of procedures in order to determine whether all laws have been followed strictly in the establishment of the proof of the offense. Vital elements include the identity of the accused, the time and date, and the jurisdiction. Also, the police officer has to have reasonable grounds to suspect the accused’s impaired ability to drive as a result of the consumption of drugs or alcohol. Also, the officer can required physical coordination tests to check for sobriety. Based on such tests, further demand can be made for a blood test, an approved instrument check, or drug evaluation. The experienced impaired driving lawyer will try to ensure that all legal procedures have been followed before the charges were imposed.
Those who are interested in getting information regarding impaired driving charges and the possible defenses or want to schedule a free consultation with Los Angeles DUI Lawyer can visit the firm’s website, or contact them either by phone or by email.

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