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DUI Attorney Offers Legal Services To Los Angeles Residents

DUI Attorney Offers Legal Services To Los Angeles Residents

Those seeking a DUI Attorney near Los Angeles can find reliable assistance at the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer. The firm strives to free their clients of all DUI charges. “Fighting for the full dismissal of any and all DUI charges is our primary goal as your defense attorney,” said the firm.
The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer provides leading DUI defense services in Los Angeles, California. With a comprehensive understanding of drunk driving laws and the DUI-related industry, the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer offers their clients access to the firm’s vast experience to help fight for their rights. “We battle vigorously for all of our clients who have been charged with impaired driving, over 80mg care and control, or multiple DUI offenses,” said the firm.
According to California Vehicle Code Section 23152, “Everyone commits an offense who operates a motor vehicle or vessel or operates or assists in the operation of an aircraft or of railway equipment or has the care or control of a motor vehicle, vessel, aircraft or railway equipment, whether it is in motion or not.” Being convicted under this law can have life-changing consequences; DUI cases have, over the years, made up the majority of criminal cases in Los Angeles or California.
The firm’s DUI lawyers stated that they have defended a number of clients facing these charges by, “challenging the prosecution on highly technical grounds.” The proof for impaired driving and any subsequent conviction is based on the observation of eye-witnesses and the investigating officer. Any over 80 mg offense requires breath samples and blood samples to measure the level of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and can be very difficult to prove.
In order to prove that a DUI offense has occurred, the time, date, jurisdiction, and identity of the accused must be established. It is, however, not enough to merely be under the influence, and it is up to the prosecutor to prove that the accused was driving under the influence. According to the courts in California, there must be some movement of the vehicle to constitute driving, and this movement must be proven with circumstantial evidence.
With all these factors at play in proving or disproving a DUI offense, the Los Angeles Dui Lawyer has the ability to work around laws and evidence to clear any DUI charges faced by their clients. “Based on certain lapses by law enforcing officers in following the rules, combined with effective legal strategies implemented by your DUI lawyer, you can win a DUI case,” said the firm.
There are a number of ways of beating a DUI, including challenging the legality of the DUI checkpoint stop, citing Title 17 violations, showing that the person in question was not driving, and proving to the court there was a lack of probable cause for a DUI stop, among many others. When accused of any crime, a person is innocent until proven guilty and, in the case of a DUI, there is a lot of room to prove their innocence. The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer works to exploit each and every possibility to ensure that their clients receive favorable verdicts.
With the majority of cases brought before Los Angeles courts being DUI charges and the number of cases increasing every year, it is in every Los Angeles resident’s best interests to have a reliable lawyer on hand at all times—and the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is able to provide exactly this service.
“Whenever you are faced with different DUI charges, the best option is to get in touch with a Los Angeles DUI charges defense Lawyer,” advised the firm. “We have experienced attorneys who have consistently delivered favorable verdicts to clients facing different DUI charges in Los Angeles, CA. Our investigative team will visit the site of the incident to get first-hand reports, which help us determine any inconsistencies in the prosecution’s evidence or witness depositions.”
For more information on the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer and their services, along with extensive information related to the laws surrounding DUIs, visit https://duiguardian.com/. Interested parties may also connect with the firm through their social media platforms.

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