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DUI Attorney In Los Angeles Expands Services For DUI Defense

DUI Attorney In Los Angeles Expands Services For DUI Defense

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a firm based in Los Angeles, CA, has announced that they have expanded their DUI defense services. Thus, when looking for a DUI attorney Los Angeles residents can depend entirely on the legal team at the firm to be able to offer the kind of assistance that they require.


An attorney from the firm says, “We at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer not only rely on empirical data but also information obtained by our DUI criminal lawyer who visits the site of the incident to get first-hand facts about the case. This helps us present an airtight defense as well as bring up inaccuracies in witness depositions and the prosecution’s case overall.”


The DUI defense services provided by the Los Angeles attorney can now be divided into a number of categories. These include drinking and driving charges, driving under the influence, DUI offenses, DUI expungement, DUI criminal defense, DUI probation violation, over 80 DUI, drunk driving offenses, care and control charges, DUI charges, failure to provide charges, drugged driving charges, underage DUI charges, impaired driving charges, out of state DUI, DUI car accident defense, DUI refusal defense, false DUI arrest defense, and marijuana DUI defense.


For those who have a DUI conviction, Los Angeles DUI Lawyer can also help. This is important because such a conviction can lead to severe punishments. For a first offense DUI, those convicted can face up to three years of probation, suspension of license for six months, and jail time of up six months and a fine of up to $1,000. For a second offense DUI, those convicted face up to three years of probation, suspension of license for 24 months, and jail time of one year and a fine of up to $1,000 plus penalty assessments. For a third DUI offense, those convicted can face up to five years of probation, suspension of license for three years, and 120 days of jail time up to one year, and a fine of up to $1,000 plus penalty assessments.


The punishments are more severe, however, if the impaired driving had resulted in bodily harm or death. The drinking & driving attorney from the firm explains that injury DUIs may either be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. If charged as a felony, the prison sentence can reach a maximum of four years with fines of up to $5,000. For DUI with fatalities, a charge of vehicular manslaughter will be made, or even murder.


The attorney explains that for drinking and driving offenses, they will present a defense that will be mostly based on technical grounds. Their primary strategies that have helped them win such cases is determining whether the police officer had violated any constitutional rights, including whether the breath or blood sample analyses were conducted using approved instruments and within the time frames as specified by law. They will also collect first-hand evidence from the location of the incident with the purpose of comparing data with that of the prosecutor and use any discrepancies found.


Meanwhile, an over 80 offense is often considered to be an extreme offense but the firm is ready to offer assistance in defending a client. A person is charged with an over 80 when the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measured is more than 80mg for a 100 ml blood sample. However, certain procedures must be followed by the authorities in conducting the tests.


This law firm aims to provide the best defense for people in Los Angeles, California, from DUI charges. They are ready to make use of their extensive knowledge and experience about drunk driving and DUI laws to safeguard the rights of clients and maximize their chances of getting a positive outcome. They are committed to doing their best for clients charged with impaired driving, over 80m.g, and care and control or multiple DUI offenses.


Those who need to schedule a consultation with a DUI attorney can check out the firm’s official website or call them by phone.


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