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DUI Attorney Helps Out Los Angeles Residents

DUI Attorney Helps Out Los Angeles Residents

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a Los Angeles based firm that specializes in handling DUI cases, would like to make the residents of the city aware of their attorney services. DUI charges are some of the most common reasons for arrests and are often life changing events for the person facing the charge.

As Los Angeles DUI Lawyer says, “Getting arrested for a DUI offense can be quite overwhelming, and it could change the course of one’s life. Whenever a person is arrested for drunk driving and charged with a drinking and driving offense for the first time, he or she may have to face the numerous court proceedings that are involved, including having to face the police officers as well. The whole process is quite frightening and may create confusion.”

A DUI can result in hefty fines, a suspended license, travel restrictions, loss of income, and even jail time. Any person convicted of a DUI offense in California, including a refusal to comply, automatically faces a driving prohibition that is applicable anywhere in the country. A first time offense will attract a six month suspension, three year probation, and a $1000 fine—along with the installation of an ignition interlock device in the offender’s vehicles. A Second Offence DUI Los Angeles increases the license suspension time and attracts a car breathalyzer installation in addition to the same penalties as a first time offense.

It is possible to beat a DUI charge if the right attorney is working on the case. Pleading not guilty gives an attorney room to contest the charge and help their client either get the charges dropped or at least decrease the severity of their punishment. A DUI can be beaten by challenging the legality of the DUI checkpoint stop, disputing the suspicion that one was under the influence, challenging the results of any breath tests that may have been performed, showing and proving that the arrest at the DUI checkpoint was illegal, and so on. An experienced DUI attorney will know how and why each DUI can be contested and can successfully guide their client out of any serious repercussions.

It is also quite possible to get the DUI dismissed entirely. With the drunk driving attorney services offered by Los Angeles DUI Attorney, it is possible to get a DUI charge dropped entirely or at least lessen the severity of the punishment. As the firm states, “The chances of getting a DUI dismissed mostly depend on the facts of the case, and every case is unique. Getting a DUI case dismissed is a strategy that can only be assessed by a lawyer after going through the facts of the case.”

There are many ways to protect oneself from a DUI conviction, and the chances of successfully fending off a DUI charge vary from one case to another. Notably, however, the way one presents their case and the way they are represented in court heavily affect the outcome of a DUI case. The experienced attorneys at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer are committed to helping their clients win DUI cases, and have a history of achieving positive results.

A number of clients have contacted Los Angeles DUI Lawyer to help them get DUI charges dropped. “Los Angeles DUI is absolutely the best at what they do,” says a review by a client named Howard. “I was in a rather time-sensitive situation where I needed to get a DUI charge expunged off my record so that I could join my school of choice and pursue my career. The firm put their best foot forward and worked hard on my behalf to get me off without any complications. I could tell they genuinely cared and I can’t thank them enough, because without them I would not be where I am today. I would easily recommend them to anyone who is in a similar situation.”

Los Angeles drivers in need of a Drinking & Driving Lawyer are encouraged to contact Los Angeles DUI Lawyer today. More information is also available on their website.


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