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Best DUI Lawyer In Los Angeles Offers Assistance In Third Degree DUI Charge

Best DUI Lawyer In Los Angeles Offers Assistance In Third Degree DUI Charge

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a law firm based in Los Angeles, California, has announced that they are offering legal assistance to people charged with third degree DUI offense. According to the firm, a 3rd degree DUI Los Angeles charge will likely have a severe impact on the accused person. It can result into a very difficult situation to a person charged with a third DUI offense because the prosecutors and the police will do their best to prove that said person is a menace and a danger to society. It is therefore very much advisable to hire a dependable and reputable DUI lawyer to build a case to counter the claims of the prosecution.
A representative for Los Angeles DUI Lawyer says, “We cannot overemphasize the need to get the services of a dependable defense lawyer as soon as possible if you find yourself charged with third degree DUI. We employ the most renowned DUI defense lawyers in Los Angeles, CA who explore all possibilities when fighting for your protection against a DUI conviction. We strive to defend and fight for your case in the best way possible.”
According to Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, the consequences of a conviction for DUI will be different from case to case depending on the criminal background, if any, of the accused and on the facts of the case. A DUI offense can really have serious penalties and the consequences can be regarded as life changing. And these become worse when the DUI offense is repeated. It is therefore easy to see how serious a third DUI offense is as it can have a number of severe legal implications that they be tough to defend and avoid. This is why it would be really a good idea to get the services of a reliable, experienced and dependable DUI defense attorney.
There are a number of serious potential penalties resulting from a third degree DUI conviction. These include a driver’s license suspension ranging from three years to 10 years; a fine of $2,500 or more and this may get higher depending on the judge’s discretion; Jail time ranging from at least 120 days to one year; installation of an ignition interlock device for a period of up to 3 years if and when the license is restored; 18 month alcohol program; morgue program; MADD program; community service; and probation of three to five years.
A conviction for DUI may cause a person to experience financial difficulty and a third DUI conviction will likely result in the person going bankrupt or in debt. The fine imposed by a judge will vary substantially and will range from $5,000 to $50,000 or even more. This may cause the convicted person to be in debt for a long time or go bankrupt.
According to Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, there are only two options for a person charged with a 3rd degree DUI: plead guilty or plead not guilty. Pleading guilty, can result into much harsher penalties, but pleading not guilty may result in a lighter sentence. Aside from that, there are various options to punishments, such as jail time. However, those alternatives would depend on the particular court hearing the case and the actual case itself. For instance, one judge may easily agree to put the third time DUI convicted person on house arrest but another judge would not. This means that the DUI lawyer must know the judge and how to transfer the case to another court if needed.
The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer firm is committed to providing the best DUI services in Los Angeles, CA. What makes them so dependable is that each drinking and driving lawyer in the firm has a comprehensive understanding of laws on drunk driving in Los Angeles and California. Those who want more information or who would like to schedule a consultation with a DUI lawyer may want to visit their website and fill out an online contact form, or contact them by phone or via email.


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