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Attorney Explains Dui Laws To Los Angeles Residents

Attorney Explains Dui Laws To Los Angeles Residents

Los Angeles, CA based Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a leading advocate for those facing a DUI or impaired driving offenses, has recently made an effort to explain the Laws on DUI Los Angeles to their community. A representative for the firm said, “One of the most common problems among persons facing DUI charges in Los Angeles is the lack of information on the matter. This leads to them taking questionable decisions, resulting in unfair sentences that can completely ruin a their career.”
Over the years, DUI offenses have constituted the bulk of criminal cases on trial in the courts in Los Angeles, showing a steady growth in the number of cases as time went on. As experienced DUI attorneys, the firm has consistently defended their clients on DUI charges by challenging the prosecution on highly technical grounds. This makes them one of the most competent firms in the area to discuss the subject, especially given their reputation for excellence and their extensive knowledge in the area.
The firm states that the DUI laws in Los Angeles, California are very clear. An offense is committed by anyone who operates a motor vehicle or vessel, or operates or assists in the operation of an aircraft or of railway equipment, or has the care or control of a motor vehicle, vessel, aircraft, or railway equipment, whether it is in motion or not, while one of two conditions are met. The first considers whether there is impairment due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs, resulting in the person being unable to operate the vehicle. The second is concerned with those who have consumed so much alcohol that its concentration in their blood exceeds eighty milligrams of alcohol per one hundred milliliters of blood.
The proof for impaired driving and later conviction is largely based on the observation of eye-witnesses and the investigating officer. The firm declares that the foremost priority when approaching a DUI case is to investigate every piece of evidence available. In many instances, a DUI case can be dismissed due to a critical police error, or other evidentiary problems that are are not obvious at first glance. These can often can only be discovered through a meticulous analysis of the evidence.
Some of the most common reasons where charges of impaired driving offences are dismissed include cases where the police did not have proper grounds to stop a vehicle (as they can only stop a person if they reasonably believe it has committed a traffic violation), illegal searches and seizures, illegal field sobriety tests, illegal chemical tests, and (most relevant for these cases), failing to advise the accused of their right to speak with a lawyer.
In all of these cases, DUI charges can be dismissed before the actual trial begins. An experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer with strong arguments and motions can influence the prosecutor into dismissing an impaired driving offenses case. The firm also outlines some of the more aggressive approaches an attorney can take once the case reaches a trial. These include challenging the legality of the DUI checkpoint stop, proving to the court it was simple bad driving and not a DUI, proving that no mental impairment means it was not a DUI offense, and disputing the suspicion that the accused was under the influence.
The firm expresses that they rely on a team of attorneys who possess all of the necessary experience and knowledge required to present a DUI case at trial, exerting all of the aforementioned practices, as well as many others as required. This will give the represented the best opportunity to avoid unnecessary penalties. A spokesperson for the firm stated, “By hiring us, you are obtaining representation by the most reliable Drinking & Driving Lawyer Los Angeles has for defense law, with a high success record in cases relating to DUI offenses. Time is crucial in these cases, and it’s best to be proactive before things get out of hand. We urge any prospective clients to act quickly if they are in need of a DUI lawyer, and contact us at once.”
The Los Angeles DUI Lawyer invites all those in need of their services to request a free consultation, where the extent and viability of certain approaches to their individual cases will be evaluated. Those looking for more information regarding the firm may visit their website to browse a full list of their services.


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